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The TCO for cloud-delivered software is up to 40% lower than on-premise.*

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

TCO - (Total Cost of Ownership)


Sage Business Cloud

From startup to enterprise—the only business management solution

you’ll ever need.

Sage Business Cloud Financials

Keep your edge with Sage Business Cloud Financials, the solution that delivers

remarkable control of growth and cash.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Take your business beyond ERP, with the unparalleled speed, simplicity and

ROI of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

Sage Business Cloud People

Become the best place to work with Sage Business Cloud People: the way

to attract, manage, and retain talent with total visibility.

Sage Business Cloud is not a product itself, it is a business platform that holds product solutions.

Our cloud based service means you don’t have to wait weeks for someone to understand your business. We believe business growth is critical to the success of your business.

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* Source: McKinsey estimates / RESOURCIFI


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